Homeworks: Spring ’18

Homework 9: RSA   Due Monday, April 23 at 8am EDT.

Homework 8: More LP practice   Due Monday, April 9 at 8am EDT.

Homework 7: Linear programming   Due Monday, April 2 at 8am EDT.

Homework 6: NP-completeness   Due Monday, March 26 at 8am EDT.

Homework 5: MST and Max-flow   Due Monday, February 26 at 8am EST.

Homework 4: Graph algorithms   Due Monday, February 19 at 8am EST.

Homework 3: Divide and conquer   Due Monday, January 29 at 8am EST.

Homework 2: More fun with DP   Due Monday, January 22 at 8am EST.

Homework 1: Diagnostic + DP   Due Monday, January 15 at 8am EST.

Homeworks will posted here.  You will submit your homework in Gradescope.

Homework info:  There will be approximately 8 homeworks, with a week available for each.  The first assignment is a diagnostic “quiz”.  If you have difficulty with this homework then you will probably have great difficulty in the course, so give it a try before the add/drop deadline of Friday at 4pm.

Submission: Homeworks will be submitted through Gradescope, due at 8am EST on Mondays.   There will be no extensions (the homeworks are worth relatively little so there’s no reason to stress if you don’t have time to complete one).  The homeworks are excellent practice for the exams.  Typically only a subset of the problems will be graded/counted.

Homework collaboration: You may work with other people on the homework and you can look at any other references (including online).  However you need to write up your solution from scratch as if you are in an exam (this is how you will learn the material).  You need to cite your sources and collaborators at the top of your homework.